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Filter Tips
1| or  OR Logical "or" (Vertical bar). Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the bar
2 &&  or  AND Logical "and". Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the operator.
3/\d/Add any regex to the query to use in the query ("mig" flags can be included /\w/mig)
4< <= >= >Find alphabetical or numerical values less than or greater than or equal to the filtered query
5! or !=Not operator, or not exactly match. Filter the column with content that do not match the query. Include an equal (=), single (') or double quote (") to exactly not match a filter.
6" or =To exactly match the search query, add a quote, apostrophe or equal sign to the beginning and/or end of the query
7 -  or  to Find a range of values. Make sure there is a space before and after the dash (or the word "to")
8?Wildcard for a single, non-space character.
8*Wildcard for zero or more non-space characters.
9~Perform a fuzzy search (matches sequential characters) by adding a tilde to the beginning of the query
10textAny text entered in the filter will match text found within the column
# Player Team Position Height Weight Age Born Birthplace Condition Contract
1Pat NagleG 6' 2" 17036September 21, 1987USA100.00
0Cale MorrisG 6' 1" 19028May 22, 1996USA100.00
0Garrett MetcalfG 6' 2" 18528March 05, 1996USA100.00
0Logan FlodellG 6' 0" 18127February 10, 1997CAN100.00
0Beck WarmG 6' 1" 18325April 22, 1999CAN100.00
0Justin KapelmasterG 6' 1" 21628October 26, 1995USA100.00
0Daniel MannellaG 6' 1" 18128August 24, 1995CAN100.00
0Jordan PapirnyG 6' 1" 18528April 10, 1996CAN100.00
0Darion HansonG 6' 3" 18127May 19, 1997USA100.00
0Jake KupskyG 6' 3" 19428October 27, 1995USA100.00
0Mark SinclairG 6' 0" 18128March 08, 1996CAN100.00
0Luke PeressiniG 6' 2" 19429March 09, 1995CAN100.00